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As of Monday 8th November 2015 Coco Beach was sold to Celsius Tanning Ltd. 
The salon was sold with its computer system containing all existing customer 
records/data including sunbed minutes and flabelos courses,the license that
came with this computer system was paid for up until June 2016. 
The sale agreement was that all existing customers flabelos courses and minutes 
would be honoured by Celcius Tanning Ltd. This was the case from November 9th 2015 
up until January 2016 when Celcius Tanning Ltd closed down the Thurmaston salon for
refurbishment,they have since re opened and we have subsequently discovered that they
are advising previous Coco Beach customers that they cannot use any sunbed minutes 
purchased prior to November 9th 2015 and that the do not have access to their records etc. 
We have not had access to any Coco Beach customer records since November 8th 2016,we cannot
access them now and Celcius Tanning Ltd have NOT provided us with a list of customer names
and sunbed miuntes they still had left at the point where they decided not to honour them.
We are extremely disappointed that they have suddenly decided to go back on their 
agreement but unfortunately there is now nothing we can do to enforce this.

They have at no point discussed this with us yet are directing previous coco beach customers to our other,
 separate,company- without a list of customer names and what minutes they had left at the point they
 decided to go back on their agreement there is nothing that we can do.


"First class treatment, love my dazzling smile" Manu Tuilagi, Leicester Tigers & England International


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