Welcome to Coco Beach


As of Monday 8th November 2015 Coco Beach was sold to Celsius Tanning Ltd. 
The salon was sold with its computer system containing all existing customer 
records/data including sunbed minutes and flabelos courses,the license that
came with this computer system was paid for up until June 2016. 
The sale agreement was that all existing customers flabelos courses and minutes 
would be honoured by Celcius Tanning Ltd. This was the case from November 9th 2015 
up until January 2016 when Celcius Tanning Ltd closed down the Thurmaston salon for
refurbishment,they have since re opened and we have subsequently discovered that they
are advising previous Coco Beach customers that they cannot use any sunbed minutes 
purchased prior to November 9th 2015 and that the do not have access to their records etc. 
We have not had access to any Coco Beach customer records since November 8th 2016,we cannot
access them now and Celcius Tanning Ltd have NOT provided us with a list of customer names
and sunbed miuntes they still had left at the point where they decided not to honour them.
We are extremely disappointed that they have suddenly decided to go back on their 
agreement but unfortunately there is now nothing we can do to enforce this.

They have at no point discussed this with us yet are directing previous coco beach customers to 
our other,separate,company- without a list of customer names and what minutes they had left at
 the point they decided to go back on their agreement there is nothing that we can do.

We are currently in the process of trying to obtain a back up copy of the customer
data which contains customers names,addresses etc and minutes they have left.
This can only be done with the co operation of Celcius Hair & tanning Studio as the license provider
will have to access the data backup remotely from their PC,but need their permission to do so.
Any further updates we receive will be updated on here as and when we receive them.
Update as of 17th Feb 2016:
We are pleased to confirm that we now have access to the data we require in order to be able to
clarify clients remaining sunbed minutes that are no longer valid for use at Celsius Tanning.
As you are aware, between the sale of Coco Beach on November 8th 2015 and the subsequent
closure for refurbishment, client sunbed credits were still valid for use. Therefore, we now have
a list of clients that purchased tanning credits from Jan 1st 2015 until November 8th 2015,
and the amount of credits remaining. Whilst the business was sold as a going concern,
the recent turn of events have meant that you are now unable to use these minutes.
As a gesture of goodwill, we will be happy to allow these remaining minutes to be used at Coco Bay,
Fletcher Mall, Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre. As this is a completely separate business,
please note that there will be no cash alternative offered. We do however appreciate, that
our location at beaumont Leys may not be convenient for you, and so have worked closely with
The Tanning Basement, based at Branstons Garage in Queniborough, they are happy to
give you the following alternative offer: Buy 30 minutes with them and they will give you another
30 minutes free,buy 60 minutes and they will give you another 60 minutes free!! THIS OFFER IS
The Tanning Basement's offer is valid only until 18th March 2016.
The action that we now require you to take is as follows;
Please email us at ''cocobeachtfc@aol.com'', providing your Name, Address,Mobile Number &
Date Of Birth.
We shall then confirm if/how many tanning credits you have remaining and ask you which
option you would like to take.
Please then confirm by email, whether you wish to use them at either Coco Bay OR want to take
advantage of The Tanning Basement's exclusive offer.
Once you have received confirmation from us that we have applied your details to the
relevant salon, you will simply need to fill in a client record card on your first visit. 
Please note that once a decision has been made as to which salon you would like to use,
you will be unable to change it or share your minutes between the two.


We appreciate your continued patience and support during the last few weeks of uncertainty and would like
to re-iterate to you that all measures were taken prior to the sale to ensure a smooth transition for all
customers, but unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, disruption was experienced.
We hope that this resolution offered, shows you our commitment to customer service, and we look
forward to welcoming you at both salons.